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This affilicate application is for those who will also need a Supra Key Lease Agreement.

Application for Affiliate Membership} Supra Key Holder


316 Mill Street, Suite 1, Danville, Pa17821
ph: 570-275-7818    fax: 570-275-4066    e-mail:
Name and Title:             ___________________________________________________________
Name of Company:        ___________________________________________________________
Billing Address              ____________________________________________________________
Main or alternate Address:   __________________________________________________________
Telephone: ___________________ Fax: ___________________ E - mail:   ___________________
Please note: Employees and owners of companies in the following support services: home inspection, radon inspection, pest inspection and trades related to other real estate support services may join the CSVBR as an Affiliate for annual dues of $50*. This amount is prorated in July to $25.
Affiliate members of the CSVBR employed by or owning companies providing services outlined in paragraph one may be eligible to lease a Supra Electronic Keybox access card (Superkey) from the CSVBR-Multiple Listing Service by complying with the following: (1) submission of applicable fees; (2) signing the Superkey (Entry Card) Lease Agreement; (3) agreeing (in writing) to abide by the CSVBR-MLS Electronic Keybox and Superkey (Entry Card) Rules and Regulations; (4) attending a 45 minute training session on the use of the Superkey; and (5) providing a Certificate of Liability Insurance. 
Superkeys are issued by Serial Number and PIN Number to individuals. Sharing of any Superkey is strictly prohibited and members will incur a fine of $250 for the first offense and $500 for the 2nd and any subsequent offenses.
Affiliate membership dues:          $ __________     ($50* if before July 1, $25 after July 1)
Superkey issuance fee:              $ __________     ($200* deposit)
                                     ($300* one-time setup fee-includes 3 years of insurance on Display Key)
Recurring fees :                        $ __________     ($50* annual Affiliate dues; $106* annual Key fee
                                                                     for second through subsequent years)
Total:                                               $__________   
Please make Affiliate Membership dues check payable to CSVBR, Inc.
Please make Superkey lease fee payable to CSVBR-MLS, Inc.
* Prices are subject to change at the beginning of each calendar year, with prior notice.

Form revised: 05-05-09
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