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This Affiliate Application is for those who are interested in becoming an Affiliate member but will not need access to Supra Keys and will not need a Supra Key Agreement.

Application for Affiliate Membership} Non- Supra Key


316 Mill Street, Suite 1, Danville, PA 17821
Phone: 570-275-7818   Fax: 570-275-4066   e-mail:
Date of Application: __________________________________________________
Name and Title: ________________________________________________________________
Name of Company: _____________________________________________________________
Billing Address: ________________________________________________________________
Shipping Address: ______________________________________________________________
Telephone: ___________________________ Fax: ____________________________________
Email: _______________________________ Website: _________________________________
Do you plan on attending our quarterly membership meetings? Yes ___   No ___
PLEASE NOTE: Any company (other than a real estate company) or lending institution may join the CSVBR as an affiliate for annual dues of $200*, naming one contact person. This amount is prorated after the 1st of July.
The purchase of sold books is available to affiliate members at an annual subscription rate of $403.00* plus 6% sales tax = $427.18 + extra for shipping and handling. (This fee covers purchase of 13 books, which includes one year-end sold book.) Additional copies of the year-end sold book are sold at $53 each to subscribers. The active listing books are not for sale to affiliate members. Information contained in the active book is confidential for broker members of the CSVBR-Multiple Listing Service (“CSVBR-MLS”). 
If purchasing sold books, please state whether you are interested in back issues or prefer to have your fee prorated and only receive the current edition and future issues:
    __________    Current edition/future issues, please prorate
    __________    Current edition/future issues, and previous year-end book,
                                 please prorate
    __________    Please send back issues. (please state which months from the past year you would like ______________________________.)
Upon receipt of your affiliate membership application form and fee, an invoice can be provided for the compliment of sold books you order. Upon receipt of payment for your order, the books will be mailed to you.
As an additional service, the CSVBR has a library of sold books for adjacent counties that may be used by affiliate members as a reference at the board office. Limited copies of specific sold properties from these books can be made for your convenience.
Affiliate membership fee:           $ 200.00/year Prorated in               
Sold Books:                             $ _____________________________
TOTAL:                                   $ _____________________________
*Prices are subject to change at the beginning of each calendar year.
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